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Dreamland Theatre

Dreamland Tee inspired by the Williams Dreamland Theatre in the Historic Greenwood District, destroyed 1921. Rebuilt in 1922!


Greenwood Ave. is a celebration. Created by Goldmill Co. in 2018, it was birthed as a need to honor a far too often hidden piece of history, the Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921; the year from which our namesake derives.

While there story of the massacre continues to gain traction, we found that there was a need to celebrate the innovators, risk-takers and pioneers that built the original Black Wall Street.

Along with a selection of merch that honors history and promotes our brand, Greenwood Ave. is a web series aiming to inspire creators around the world. 

Watch every episode at

With your support, we also give 10% of every purchase back to community building efforts in North Tulsa. We believe Greenwood Ave. is not a place, but a vision. Together, We are Greenwood Ave.